Czech Downhill Top on Trail Cup 2024

downhill mountain bike races

SK Grafobal , Top on Trail DH team announces Czech Downhill Cup and M-CR mountain bikes in downhill discipline .

The series is run as an international series, available to all licensed and unlicensed riders.  

Dates and locations of the 2024 race


Czech DH Top on Trail Cup 2024 

20-21.4. Velké Karlovice/ Razula  

11-12.5 Kouty nad Desnou  

1-2.6. M-ČR Liberec / Ještěd  


13-14.7. Poland / Czarna Gora

17-18.8. Klínovec

21-22.9. Rokytnice nad Jizerou  

19-20.10. Lower Moravia   



The competitors will be awarded points for the final rides according to the scoring table.

The best 6 results of the Czech DH Cup will count towards the overall standings.

The Czech Championship is a separate race and does not count in the series.


In case of a tie in points:                  

Number of better placings, 2nd best placement in the last race 

The scoring of the race according to the finishing position in the final race is as follows:

1st place 25 points 5th place 16 points 9th place 12 points 13th place 8 points 17th place 4 points

2nd place 22 points 6th place 15 points 10th place 11 points 14th place 7 points 18th place 3 points

3rd place 20 points 7th place 14 points 11th place 10 points 15th place 6 points 19th place 2 points

4th place 18 points 8th place 13 points 12th place 9 points 16th place 5 points 20th place 1 point




The Men Elite category is open to competitors over 34 years of age

Absolute standings : combined for all age categories

Women: 15 - 99 years old (2009 and 1925)

Hopefuls: 10 - 14 years (2014 - 2010)

Cadet : 15 - 16 years (2009 - 2008)

Junior : 17 - 18 years ( 2007 - 2006)

Hobby : 19 - 34 years ( 2005 - 1990)

Masters 35+ : 35 - 44 years ( 1989 - 1980)

Master 45+ : 45 - 99 years ( 1979 - 1925)

Elite : 19 - 34 years ( 2005 - 1990)

In M-CR the categories will be determined in the regulations for each event :

Students : 10-12 years ( 2014 - 2012)

Hopefuls : 13-14 years ( 2011 - 2010)

Women Junior : 15-18 years ( 2009 - 2006)

Master 50+ : 50-99 years ( 1974 - 1925)


Riders on enduro bikes are entered in the appropriate category or Hobby category depending on their age.


The races are not intended for Ebike. Any auxiliary power is prohibited.




Organizational guidelines


Individual races are organized by the DH Cup organizing team, according to these rules and the race schedule.


The race schedule is issued by the organizer 30 days before the race date. Among other things, it determines for which categories the race is announced.


According to the results of the individual races, the intermediate ranking of the series will be issued.


The day before the race, no later than 12:00, the director and the "technical delegate" of each race will jointly approve the regularity and safety of the race course. The entire race course shall be marked no later than the day before the race. The race course shall be marked with tape so that there is no confusion about the course of the race. Modifications to the course may only be made with the approval of the Chief Referee or Race Director. In the event that any competitor makes any unauthorised interference with the course of the race, the Chief Referee or Race Director may decide to disqualify him/her from the race.


At the first race of the season, competitors will be assigned a starting number taking into account the results of the overall 2023 CP standings.


A competitor who is caught on the course by another competitor shall be obliged to release the course to the faster competitor A competitor who fails to release the course to the faster competitor and is written up by the Course Commissioner may be fined or disqualified from the race.


Competitors are required to arrive at the start area at least 15 minutes before the start. Start times for the semi-final heat and the final heat will always be on the start list.


Competitors are required to check in on time at the race office in accordance with the race schedule. Here they will be given a start number and will be informed about the race organisation.


Competitors are required to familiarise themselves with the course and complete a practice run in accordance with the Cup timetable. Otherwise they cannot be allowed to race. For the downhill races ( including the practice sessions ) competitors are obliged to wear an integral helmet with a non-removable chin guard, which must be sufficiently tightened throughout the ride. In addition, for all categories, spine, knee and elbow protectors, gloves and long trousers must be worn.  

Cameras are allowed. The rider is responsible for the safe mounting of the camera and gives permission to the organizer to use the footage for promotional purposes of the series.  


Licensed riders will be entered in the start and result sheets with the club name listed on the online registration and must be the same as the club name listed on the licence.


Competitors who win one of the prizes are obliged to collect the prize within one hour after the official results of the race are announced on the podium. Prizes not collected within this time limit will be forfeited to the organiser.


The organizer is obliged to provide medical service (doctor or paramedic) during the race and the compulsory training.


Auxiliary referees - all auxiliary referees on the course must be positioned as instructed by the course manager. Each must be equipped with a reflective vest, yellow flag and whistle. The yellow flag is used to alert competitors to hazards on the course during practice. If they observe a serious crash of a rider, they must immediately inform the race director. Only the race director can decide to "Stop the race".

They will be informed of the next course of action by the finishing referee. If any rider cuts the marked course, he/she will be reported to the race director by the referee               


Riders may not stand on the race course during practice runs. Only in the event of a fall or other incident may he/she stop on the track, but must clear the track immediately. In case he stops or stands on the race track for no reason, he may be excluded from the race or fined 20,-EU. or 500,-CZK.

A competitor who fails to complete the semi-final heat may not start the final race unless the Chief Referee (timekeeper) decides otherwise. If more than 200 riders are entered, the organizer may announce a qualification for the final heat and specify the number of riders to start in the final heat.

Riders who do not finish or achieve the worst time in the semi-final heat will start the final heat first.


Competitors participate at their own risk and must have the prescribed equipment. Protests can only be made in writing to the race director with a deposit of 20,-EU or 500,-CZK.


The organizer is entitled to make any amendments to the provisions of this schedule and in the event of extreme weather conditions and inclement weather that would endanger the safety of the riders, the race director together with the chief referee may decide to cancel the race. If this happens during Sunday's program for reasons of force majeure, the entry fee will not be refunded.

Entry fee

All categories pay the entry fee, which is specified in the race regulations.

Transportation (cable car) is included in the entry fee.


Final provisions

Notice to competitors:


Series website:

Registration for each race always takes place at least 10 days prior to the race date on the website designated in the race rules.

Competitors who do not register online will be subject to the registration fee specified in the race rules.


Czech Cup 2024 prize list

(minimum prize money)

Prizes for placing : for the 1-3rd place in all categories, cups/trophies and prizes in kind are awarded + a financial bonus of 500 - 1.000,-CZK for the 1st place in each category may be announced

The main financial bonuses will be given to the riders according to their position in the absolute ranking of the final ride for 1-5th place

Men: 1st place 5000,-Kč 2nd place 4.000,-Kč 3rd place 3.000,-Kč 4th place 2.000,-Kč 5th place 1.000,-Kč 

Women : 1st place 2.000,-Kč 2nd place 1.500,-Kč 3rd place 1.000,-Kč

( in case of less than 150 riders the financial bonuses can be halved )

Financial bonuses are awarded if there are at least 6 riders in a given category and are paid in Czech crowns (or in EU conversion). Financial bonuses can be replaced by prizes in kind.

Financial bonuses for the overall ranking in the 2024 series:

NEW : Bonuses for placing in the overall series standings in the Absolute standings :

1st place 8.000,-CZK , 2nd place 5.000,-CZK , 3rd place 3.000,-CZK 

And further : a bonus of 2.000,-CZK will be awarded for winning the overall series standings in all categories

Raffle : attractive prizes from the series partners ( Electronics , Michelin tyres , clothing, etc.) will be drawn at each race of the series.  


Day 1

09:00 - 10:00 track closure - possibility to visit the approved race course on foot only

10:00 - 17:30 free practice without organiser

09:00 - 12:00 registration for all categories (registration schedule may be adjusted in the schedule )

ATTENTION: it is no longer possible to register on Sunday!!!

Day 2

09:00 - 10.30 compulsory training ( each rider must complete at least one training ride)

11:00 start of the first ride ( in case of a larger number of riders the start may be at 10.30 a.m.)  

13:00 start of the final heat ( may be adjusted according to the number of starters )

30 min after finishing time results announcement for all categories

Approved 2.1. 2024